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Landlords and tenants, take note of the Rental Housing Amendment Act.

“ I am the owner of a number of properties which I let to tenants. I understand that the Rental Housing Act has been amended ...

Tips for the first time home builder.

" I have a vacant plot in a residential area which I am now ready to start building my retirement home on. However, everyone has warned me ...

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What must my attorney keep confidential ?

“ I have an appointment with an attorney to obtain legal advice on my business and its structuring. I will  have to share certain confidential ...

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“ My husband and I got married 11 years ago. I now want to get divorced, but according to the Department of Home Affairs we have never been married ...

“ A plumber visited my new house to repair a water leak in my upstairs bathroom. He fell from the second story of my house ...

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“ I recently bought a beach house at the coast and we had our first stay there this long weekend. Much to my dismay, we discovered that rainwater leaked extensively through the roof  ...

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